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The focus of 'Mirror' is the creation of an easily used set of applications ('Mirror' apps), that enable employees to learn lessons from their own and others experiences to perform better in the future. The project facilitates learning 'on the job', at the workplace, through collaboration and reflection technologies.

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Do you want to experience the MIRROR applications by your own?

With the MIRROR Demonstration Platform we provide a set of pre-configured and ready-to-use applications. The selection includes both domain-independent and domain-specific applications for the business, healthcare and emergency sector. Please contact us if you are interested in one or more applications and want to test them by yourself, in your company, or in your institution.

The platform also offers the MIRROR Design Toolbox for free. Based on the result from four years of research, the toolbox has been created to support both the design of new reflection apps and the enhancement of exiting tools and practices to support reflection processes.