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The focus of 'Mirror' is the creation of an easily used set of applications ('Mirror' apps), that enable employees to learn lessons from their own and others experiences to perform better in the future. The project facilitates learning 'on the job', at the workplace, through collaboration and reflection technologies.

Latest News

City University London researched, developed and evaluated new forms of mobile app for use in the residential homes of older people, many with dementia. The apps were used successfully to improve the support of person-centred care in the homes. In this video, care staff, managers and sector leaders report about their experience with these apps and the improvement that use of these apps has brought. The apps shown were developed and evaluated in the European research projected MIRROR, co-funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Program. Visit http://www.mirror-project.eu/mirrorvisuals/mirrorvideos for more videos on the project and/or contact Professor Neil Maiden at City University London (N.A.M.Maiden@city.ac.uk) to learn more about these apps and their evaluations, and to exploit these technologies in City's new venture - the Creative Care Consultancy.