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The focus of 'Mirror' is the creation of an easily used set of applications ('Mirror' apps), that enable employees to learn lessons from their own and others experiences to perform better in the future. The project facilitates learning 'on the job', at the workplace, through collaboration and reflection technologies.

Latest News

The article "Web-Based Apps for Reflection: A Longitudinal Study with Hospital Staff" is now published in the current issue of the Journal of Medical Internet Research, Volume 16, Issue 3

In the paper we describe a longitudinal study conducted at one of the MIRROR testbeds in which we could show that our MIRROR apps can foster reflection behavior in health care professionals. Furthermore we found another important aspect of reflection: Collaborative reflection was significantly correlated with job satisfaction which suggests that opportunities for joint reflection on work experiences in a hospital have further impact over and above fostering reflective learning per se.

Renner, B., Kimmerle, J., Cavael, D., Ziegler, V., Reinmann, L., & Cress, U. (2014). Web-based apps for reflection: A longitudinal study with hospital staff. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16(3): e85