Welcome to Mirror

The focus of 'Mirror' is the creation of an easily used set of applications ('Mirror' apps), that enable employees to learn lessons from their own and others experiences to perform better in the future. The project facilitates learning 'on the job', at the workplace, through collaboration and reflection technologies.

Latest News

A new online course on time management has been released 1 August at the IMC MOOC portal OpenCourseworld. It includes lecture videos, script, online tests and the usage of the MIRROR apps KnowSelf and ARA.  This is all offered for free. On top learners can book a personal tele-coach for a fee.

The course itself is in German, but a 4 minutes screencast video explaining the course components is available with English explanation text (kind of subtitles) and another one with German text. So please have a look! 

And if you understand German, please join the more than 500 people who have already registered for the course.

 Time Management Course