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Talk Reflection App

The Talk Reflection App developed in WP6 focusses on support for articulation and collaborative reflection for physicians.
As a part of their daily work physicians at NBN have to inform patients and their relatives about the current health status and possibilities for therapies of patients after they suffered from a stroke. This are often challenging conversations since telling “bad news” produces emotional stress on both sides.

The Talk Reflection App allows physicians to articulate and share their experiences with colleagues to discuss and reflect on them and find a way to deal with more difficult situations.

Capturing Data

It is already part of daily work routines to note down some information about conversations with relatives in the patients folder to inform other physicians and nurses about which information have already been given and which decisions were taken. The Talk Reflection App supports capturing of this information and extents it with a form for capturing individual experiences. In addition to a private note physicians can do simple self-assessments. These assessments also help to re-contextualize the experience when processed again later.


Support for sharing of experiences

Through a simple interface it is possible to share documented experiences, not the self-assessments, with other users of the Talk Reflection App.


Provide collaboration support

Shared documentation can then be discussed asynchronously whenever there is time or synchronously in reflection sessions. Users can describe similar experiences or provide information about how they deal with those situations.


Capture reflection outcomes

In a third view users can review which documentations they have read and discussed during a reflection session, select which belong together and articulate summaries and more general outcomes. Those outcomes are collected and can also be shared with colleagues and can become a set of best-practices for dealing with difficult situations.

Latest News

MIRROR is co-organizing the Workshop on Motivational and Affective Aspects in Technology Enhanced Learning (MATEL) at the EC-TEL 2014 in Graz. Don’t miss this opportunity and submit your work to our workshop by 6 July!

We are looking forward to the interesting presentations and discussions at the workshop.

For further details visit our website: http://matel14.professional-learning.eu/ 

Important facts:
Workshop Date: September 16, 2014
Place: Graz, Austria (co-located EC-TEL 2014 and I-KNOW 2014)
Submission of Papers: July 6, 2014
Review Notification: August 4, 2014
Final Manuscript Due: August 31, 2014

In this workshop we bring together different perspectives on the topic to foster the formation of a community between psychology, sociology, pedagogy, human resources, CSCW and computer science.

This year, we want to develop the MATEL format further towards creating a structured experience base. The foundations for this experience base are participants’ concrete examples, including both, prototypes and systems as well as experience reports from the introduction and usage of approaches, services and tools that address motivational and affective aspects in technology enhanced learning. Together with participants we want to take these contributions as starting point for further discussions and sharing of good and bad practice from different contexts. Similar to other engineering disciplines, we want to explore how patterns as aggregation and systematic descriptions of good practices can help to sustain and systematize these experiences for reuse. These socio-technical patterns will comprise practices to inform both tool design as well as strategies for adoption.