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Becoming a neurologist in Germany is hard and the required documentation is cumbersome. The DocTrain App makes documentation of specialist training easy and provides a quick overview of progress and open issues. Using the DocTrain app for mobile phones or the DocTrain web-application physicians can capture their progress and share it with their mentor. DocTrain supports the individual reflection about training progress and strategies. Furthermore, it is a valuable tool for reflective discussions in the appraisal interview.



 The test version is not public because we are currently in discussion with a commercial partner. In case you are interested contact Lars Müller, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

Quotes from testers:

“That would help a lot”
“I like it, when do we get it?”


How does it work?

After a treatment, the physician can scan the barcode of the current patient case and select the appropriate training task from a structured list. The physician may add personal notes for later reflection or store the data directly. The user interface is very intuitive and reduces the time effort to a few seconds.

The mobile application can be used offline and synchronization over the network is only necessary, if data should be accessible in the web application or shared with the mentor. The current progress can be reviewed on the mobile device or, after synching, on the web application.
Figure 1: Screen shots of the mobile application: the capturing screen (left) and the progress overview (right)
DocTrain implements the official documentation as demanded in the specialist training guideline (WBO Weiterbildungsordnung).

Latest News

City University London researched, developed and evaluated new forms of mobile app for use in the residential homes of older people, many with dementia. The apps were used successfully to improve the support of person-centred care in the homes. In this video, care staff, managers and sector leaders report about their experience with these apps and the improvement that use of these apps has brought. The apps shown were developed and evaluated in the European research projected MIRROR, co-funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Program. Visit http://www.mirror-project.eu/mirrorvisuals/mirrorvideos for more videos on the project and/or contact Professor Neil Maiden at City University London (N.A.M.Maiden@city.ac.uk) to learn more about these apps and their evaluations, and to exploit these technologies in City's new venture - the Creative Care Consultancy.